The creation of Scrambler Ducati is traced back to the American Berliner Motor Corporation. Models are manufactured with displacements from 250 CC to 450 CCs. The first scramblers (1962-1967) were derived from the street-legal model and contained a “narrow body” motor with a slightly modified frame. This brand is originally derived from the Ducati Diana Road Bike modified by Michael Berliner for American gravel racing.
The scrambler Ducati brand, famous for its creativity, young and free-spirited attitude, offers more than just bikes. It is a renowned brand that increases creativity, freedom of expression, and sharing positive emotions. It’s a world of momentum, accessories, clothing, entertainment, joy and freedom.



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Scrambler Ducati E-Accessories

Merchandise par excellence in quality and durability. The Scrambler Ducati accessories lend your bike a more appealing look and an intense character. It creates an unmistakable metropolitan flair. Refined materials and finishes, enhance the appearance of a bike that is a real head turner.


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Own a Scrambler Ducati, conquer the world, mark your style statement. Carefully designed with best-in-class technology, the Ducati Scrambler is a bike with brand that goes a long way with you. Build for generations, these environment friendly bikes are here to ‘aw’ the onlookers. Own one and you will know!



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Scrambler Ducati Cross E-Sport

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